Highly accurate moving average strategy: LinearMix

Highly accurate moving average strategy: LinearMix
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The LinearMix strategy is based on a set of technical indicators, thanks to which it shows excellent results on turbo options!

That is why it can be considered as a high-performance option for high-frequency trading. The binary options strategy makes a profit on short-term changes in the direction of building trends in the underlying asset and allows you to complete more than 85% trades with a positive result.

And every day she is able to increase the trading capital by more than 100%!

Creating a LinearMix Trading System Template

Before we move on to the scheme for constructing a working template for this binary options strategy, let's briefly dwell on such an important nuance as choosing a broker for binary trading.

At this stage, traders often have problems, because usually companies operating in our market very rarely provide trading platforms with the necessary arsenal of technical and analytical services.

Most often, most brokers can only find simplified terminals with limited potential without indicators, only with a linear display of quotes, and completely without the ability to format a chart and view the history of quotes.

It will be impossible to make money on the binary market on such a terminal, not to mention the use of indicator strategies that allow you to predict quote fluctuations as accurately as possible, and not every beginner is able to understand the Metatrader 4 program.

That is why it is so important to choose a good brokerage company. As a great option, you can confidently recommend here this broker, whose services and platform fully meet the requirements of highly productive and professional trading.

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The main advantages of this broker are:

  • Technologically advanced trading platform with built-in indicators and charting tools, a formattable chart, quote history and the ability to change their display.
  • Minimum values of trading conditions: from 100 USD – initial deposit, from 5 USD – minimum transaction.
  • Expanded arsenal of various underlying assets with option payouts up to 87%.
  • Quality educational program.
  • Highly accurate professional analytics with daily information updates.
  • Simple and fast monetization of profits.

With such technical and trading capabilities at a broker, a trader can use any trading systems. In addition, the trader can also independently create trading strategies.

Now back to the trading template. So, to build it, you will need to install the following set of indicators on the quote chart of the selected asset:

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EMA indicator with 3 periods;
EMA indicator with 5 period;
EMA indicator with 15 period;
EMA indicator with 25 period;
EMA indicator with 30 period;
RSI indicator with 21 moving periods and 50 levels.

After installing all the indicators, the marking of the trading chart will take the following form:

Moving average strategy

High precision trading strategy LinearMix signals

This system generates 2 types of signals: main and short-term.

The main signal to buy options WAY DOWN:

There was a crossing of the lines of the EMA indicators with 25, 30 periods by the lines of the EMA indicators 3,5,15 down.

On the RSI indicator, its moving crossed the level 50 downwards, which means a change in the trend dynamics.

A short-term signal for trading DOWN is displayed by the downward intersection of the moving averages of the EMA indicator with 3 and 5 periods:

PUT option buy signal

The main signal to buy options UP:

There was an intersection of the lines of the EMA indicators with 25, 30 periods by the lines of the EMA indicators 3,5,15 upwards.

On the RSI indicator, its moving up crossed the level of 50, which means a change in trend dynamics.

A short-term signal for trading UP is displayed by the upward intersection of the moving averages of the EMA indicator with 3 and 5 periods:

Signal to buy a CALL option


If transactions are concluded on the main signal of this binary options strategy, then it is necessary to set the expiration for a period of 5 minutes.

And if transactions are concluded on a short-term LinearMix signal, then turbo options are used in trading and their expiration period should be no more than 1 minute.

The use of various expiration ranges on multi-signals generated by the strategy in trading allows you to effectively diversify financial risks.

And if you immediately conclude a series of transactions with different expiration, then you can adjust the profit and loss, depending on the situation on the market.

Management of risks

The money management rules in the LinearMix trading strategy are classic. That is, the amount of the transaction to be concluded must be limited to 3% of the deposit amount, or just trade with minimum transactions this broker, the size of which is 1 dollar.

Thus, profit and loss will be in a favorable ratio, and the amount of capital will constantly increase.

Use strategy!

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