Ar-forex is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Ar-forex reviews scam
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Ar-forex offers us access to global resources that will help us achieve success. Comrades position themselves as a new generation broker. But at the same time they do not substantiate their loud statements. And, apparently, they claim to be included in our black list of fraudulent brokers. Let's figure it out.

Learn how to withdraw money

Ar-forex: is it possible to withdraw funds from a fraudulent broker

Main site:

Whois score:

Ar-forex reviews scam
Domain age

Brokers deceivers Ar-forex. Site analysis

The Ar-forex company tried to fill the sections of its site as much as possible. But the quality of this filling leaves much to be desired. On the main page we see only a header and a bunch of financial tables. In the remaining sections - tons of the same type of water about "successful success" and high profits. The price tag for this creation is also traditionally low, like that of other sites that we reviewed earlier on

Ar-forex reviews scam
Site rating

The site structure includes the following sections:

  • about the company (word from the board, anti-money laundering policy, private broker, “why us?”, partners);
  • for clients (economic calendar, basic concepts, success stories, ask a question);
  • trading (education, basics, trading psychology, money management and system building);
  • partnership (buying a franchise, affiliate program, service providers, companies);
  • contacts.

Under the huge number of financial tables on the main page, we see examples of success stories, a range of markets, a call to action - Open a trading account.

The footer contains the sitemap and contacts. Let's try to find at least some of the official information in this sea of the same type of information.

Fraud broker Ar-forex: licenses, registration

We remind you that the information that we voice in our reviews is purely our opinion, based on an analysis of official information provided by the company, as well as reviews. You can always share your experience in a particular project in the comments.

Let's say right away that Ar-forex did not bother to provide any sane contact information or registration information. Of all the possible methods of communication, only email and callback form.

Ar-forex reviews scam

In the contacts section, we also found the address where our heroes are allegedly stationed. However, the information is incomplete, and most likely fake. At least in Google maps, we did not find any evidence that Ar-forex was registered there.

Ar-forex reviews scam

Ar-forex reviews scam
Address verification

The same sadness with regulation. The broker does not provide any information about the availability of licenses. At the same time, on every page he praises himself in every possible way, exposing, almost the number 1 company in the world.

We independently checked whether Ar-forex has a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. But expectedly got a negative result.

Ar-forex reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

But if the broker does not have this piece of paper, then our traders have nothing to do on its site.

Among all official documents, we found only a standard set of typical pieces of paper about privacy policy, money laundering, etc. The user agreement, traditionally, contains all sorts of fraudulent language that the company is not responsible for your money. In general, they simply provide information. Therefore, in which case - blame yourself.

And for dessert - the age of the project. The company prudently purchased a domain with experience, as evidenced by the result of checking the age of the address (the first screen at the beginning of the review). However, according to the web archive, until September last year, there was a site belonging to a completely different office at this address.

Ar-forex reviews scam

Ar-forex reviews scam
Web Archive

And even despite the fact that the company has existed for more than a year, Ar-forex organizers are in no hurry to invest in its development. This is evidenced by a very low price tag. It is unlikely that a reliable broker treated his site in the same superficial way.

Brokers (scam) Ar-forex. Legend

According to the legend, Ar-forex represent a new standard of private brokerage. This is a personal broker that is famous for its comprehensive approach and aims to become a reliable partner for its clients.

The company does not provide any information about deposits. There is very little clear information on how to work with them.

Among its advantages, the broker indicates:

  • security guarantee (customer accounts are subject to the guaranteed deposit return scheme);
  • deposits in European banks;
  • trading directly with the largest liquidity providers;
  • European banking service of the highest level;
  • high transparency and monitoring of trade in real time;
  • calculation of net profit and loss, final balance sheet;
  • the ability to receive interest on the deposit;
  • guarantee of bank secrecy;
  • training and effective customer support.

Ar-forex reviews scam

Along with free trading, Ar-forex clients can receive deductions within the affiliate program. You can purchase a franchise, partner with a broker to supply services, earn royalties by referring referrals.

Ar-forex reviews scam

All this, of course, sounds beautiful. Here are just no real evidence of what the organizers of the project promise, we did not find. But they found other interesting information, which you can find in the next chapter.

Ar-forex Fraud Broker Reviews

During the year of its existence, Ar-forex has accumulated a lot of negativity. Clients complain that the company does not withdraw money and completely controls the accounts. In addition, transactions do not fall on the interbank market. All trading is carried out exclusively within the system. You can see an example of real comments we found on the net.

Ar-forex reviews scam

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you have been deceived by Ar-forex fraudulent broker, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Results: fraudulent broker Ar-forex, how to get back the lost money

Knowing how fraudulent brokers work, let's sum up what we managed to learn about Ar-forex. So, the office has the following signs of a scam:

  • uninformative, cheap site;
  • lack of registration, regulation, including a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • inability to contact the counterparty;
  • false information about the company's achievements and benefits;
  • negative feedback.

We do not claim that our reviews are the ultimate truth. But we only give an opinion on the main features that define scammers. Based on our assessment, we can safely assume that withdrawal of funds from a fraudulent broker Ar-forex is impossible.

If you have become a victim of Ar-forex and do not know how to return money from a fraudulent broker, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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