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Arobot reviews scam
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Today we will again expose another "hidden" broker. Financial intermediary Arobot does not provide any information about its activities and maintains complete anonymity with the help of digital keys. The project appeared quite recently and is a clone of a whole series of "scams". Given all the data we have and feedback from ex-clients, Arobot can be safely blacklisted as fraudulent brokers.

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Arobot: is it possible to withdraw funds from a scam broker

Main site:

Whois score:

Arobot reviews scam
Domain age

Brokers cheaters Arobot. Site analysis

The official site of our new friend consists of a landing page with an incomprehensible picture, a language change button (Russian and English), an authorization window and a registration form. Arobot does not provide any information about their services, history of appearance, legal aspects of the functioning of Arobot. This is already a gross violation of both Russian and international law. Financial intermediaries must publish all fundamental data in the public domain.

Now let's talk about the registration window of the site in question (in fact, we have nothing to analyze besides it). First of all, it is worth noting such a section as a promotional code. That is, in order to get on the platform of our broker, you need to obtain a special digital key from a third party. This is a standard fraudulent ploy, thanks to which scammers maintain their anonymity and expose their offers as some kind of exclusive. Below that same promotional code, you can see that these comrades offer us to agree to the "Terms and Conditions". Although this is a frank filkin of letters, some information can still be gleaned from it, but more on that later.

Arobot reviews scam

Even in the preface of our review, we made a reservation that Arobot is a clone of many other scam projects owned by experienced scammers. On our portal, we have analyzed in detail, probably, more than a dozen identical sites with exactly the same device, Terms and Conditions, registration forms, etc. The crooks only have the imagination to change the name of their sharaga and the picture on the main page. In support of our words, we are attaching a screenshot of the platform of another scam site.

Arobot reviews scam

And finally, we add that the relevant authorities have already become interested in our new friend. His web resource was blocked in Russia by Roskomnadzor by decision of the Prosecutor General's Office. Without a VPN, these crooks will not be able to get to the low-grade portal.

Arobot reviews scam

Fraud broker Arobot: licenses, registration

Arobot was born quite recently. According to the Whois service (screenshot at the beginning of the review), the project was launched on 08/12/2022, that is, only 2 months ago. What conclusions follow from this: the broker does not have any experience and any stories of its representatives about great achievements and reliability (and these comrades like to hang noodles on their ears) are a blatant lie.

Arobot does not provide any legal information (registration, license, etc.). In the imaginary user agreement, such information is also missing. The contact details of the intermediary are represented by an email that no one answers. Representatives of the broker get in touch with their clients through fake accounts in various instant messengers and social networks.

We also found interesting information about our friend in the registers of the Central Bank. Everyone knows that it is he who acts as the main regulator of brokerage activities in Russia. So the Central Bank added Arobot to its black list, calling these comrades "an illegal participant in the securities market."

Arobot reviews scam
Blacklist of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Brokers (scam) Arobot. Legend

In those "Terms and conditions", which we have already mentioned several times, there is a special section "Categories of clients". According to him, Arobot's trading offers depend on the rank of the client. The broker classifies traders based on the size of the deposit:

  • "Standard" - up to €10,000;
  • "Profi" - €10,001-50,000;
  • "Premium" - more than €50,000.

Arobot reviews scam

It is clear that the larger the deposit, the better the terms of service. At the first replenishment, a bonus of up to 150% is credited from the amount of funds on the balance sheet (only the intermediary forgets to mention that this “gift” will need to be worked out in excess). The balance of the account is up to 6% per month. The intermediary also lends users at 6-24% per week. The loan is issued upon request after the bank confirms the solvency of the user.

Arobot Fraud Broker Reviews

There is an extremely negative opinion about the work of Arobot on the network. Ex-clients convict the intermediary of using fake trading software, failure to fulfill their obligations, unreasonable blocking, very unfavorable terms of cooperation, etc. Below you can see screenshots of some reviews. If you do not believe us, you can search for yourself, there is a lot of information about our friend on various thematic sites.

Arobot reviews scam Arobot reviews scam

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you have been deceived by the fraudulent Arobot broker, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scam Brokers: How Arobot Works

The Arobot deception scheme is no different from most of the divorces of the vast majority of such “scams”. Fraudsters lure newbies and financially illiterate people to their platform. They are looking for a similar audience on social networks, dating sites, message boards, etc. Swindlers use various psychological manipulations and bright promises.

After the victim is persuaded to register on the platform and make the first deposit, the next part of the scam comes. From the user by all means try to "milk" as much money as possible. A fake trading terminal, and all sorts of tricks in the user agreement, and fictitious penalties, and incomprehensible commissions, etc. are used.

The final stage is always the same - the inability to withdraw money, blocking the account and closing all communication channels on the part of managers and representatives of the broker.

Results: fraudulent broker Arobot how to return lost money

At the very beginning of our review, we said that Arobot is another low-grade "scam". Let's go over all the points again so that no one has any doubts:

  • lack of a normal web resource;
  • hiding the project legend;
  • communication with other fraudulent offices;
  • blocking by Roskomnadzor;
  • black list of the Central Bank;
  • disgusting terms of cooperation;
  • a lot of negative reviews.

Withdrawal of funds from the fraudulent broker Arobot is not possible. Friends, read our articles more often and learn to distinguish reliable intermediaries from scam projects. May the financial force be with you.

If you have become a victim of Arobot and don't know how to get your money back from a fraudulent broker, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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