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British Legal Security Services reviews scam
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Before us is a new version of the scam, and quite plausibly designed. British Legal Security Services can be convicted of its complete insolvency only upon careful consideration of the legal component of the huge amount of information presented on the site. We dedicate our today's review to the exposure of this original fraudulent project.

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Main site:

The website of British Legal Security Services is a template multi-page, stuffed with a mass of informative information about the noble mission of the project. This is tracking violations of the law by a team of professional lawyers, financial regulation, as well as the identification of fraud and the return of stolen funds. There is no specific data about the company itself, its history and any legal documents on the resource. But colorful descriptions of activities on a global scale are presented in abundance, as well as grandiose merits and achievements. Such beautiful, but in fact turned out to be fake, stories we met more than once within the framework of the project.

An independent appraisal service did not appreciate the diligence of the creators of this masterpiece.

British Legal Security Services reviews scam
Site rating

The main page of the site looks like this:

  • in the header - logo, menu (services, supervision, compensation and protection, petitions and complaints), contacts and a button for applying for a refund;
  • list of services;
  • block on the function of financial supervision;
  • complaint button;
  • success statistics;
  • refund procedure;
  • principles and advantages of the company;
  • again statistical data and an application button;
  • block on compensation and asset protection;
  • stages of work;
  • explanations for the preparation of applications;
  • Payment Methods.

In the footer, contacts, legal address and a button to go to the return application.

British Legal Security Services reviews scam

Let's start with the fact that the provided contact number of a serious British Legal Security Services organization turned out to be invalid.

British Legal Security Services reviews scam

As well as the legal address, which led Google maps to approximately the city highway of the English city of Brentford.

British Legal Security Services reviews scam

The registration of this office is also not confirmed by the state register of economic entities of the United Kingdom.

British Legal Security Services reviews scam

The very fact of the existence of this luxurious soap bubble is also questioned by the data from the web archive.

British Legal Security Services reviews scam

The guys launched their grandiose scam on November 6, 2022, until that moment the domain was empty.

British Legal Security Services reviews scam

Therefore, loud statements about the global reach of British Legal Security Services and a solid staff of employees are nothing more than a flight of wild imagination of these adventurers.

British Legal Security Services reviews scam

As well as impressive success statistics.

British Legal Security Services reviews scam

Having stuffed sections of the site with tons of information, the guys did not take care of its most important part - the legal one: there are no internal legal documents at all. The user agreement or a sample contract for the provision of services to this office, apparently, without the need. Simply because the scammers are not going to do any of the above, they are only interested in the money that they are paid for the promised services.

The regulatory company is a scam British Legal Security Services. Legend

British Legal Security Services positions itself as an independent public body funded entirely by commissions from the firms it regulates. The company carries out comprehensive supervision of the banking sector, insurance and securities, and is subordinate to the UK Treasury and Parliament.

The extensive list of services of this almighty project includes the following:

  • opening companies offshore;
  • company registration in any European country;
  • opening accounts in any of 170 foreign partner banks;
  • legal, financial and business consulting;
  • assistance in obtaining licenses for brokerage firms, forex, online casinos and others;
  • customized solutions such as investment, asset and wealth management, real estate, construction, etc.

Separately and in colors, the process of providing the chargeback service is signed, which makes it clear the priorities of the office and evokes an analogy with the so-called black lawyers common on the Internet.

British Legal Security Services lists the following as its own benefits:

  • extensive geography of work;
  • 87% successful completion of cases;
  • the possibility of receiving returned funds at the place of residence;
  • the presence of a compensation fund that guarantees payments to the client affected by fraud even in the event of a negative outcome of the case.

It should be noted that the site of our heroes does not provide a general application format. The user is invited to describe his problem in a free form, but with full and detailed indication of all personal data. A very cunning move with one goal - to collect information for subsequent pressure on the client.

Due to the very short life of British Legal Security Services, and perhaps due to the lack of a Russian version of the site, there are no reviews about it yet. And we hope that this dubious adventure will not attract the attention of citizens already affected by fraudsters.

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you have been deceived by a fraudulent British Legal Security Services broker, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Fraudulent Regulators: How British Legal Security Services Work

The process of working with a client is carried out by British Legal Security Services in four stages.

  1. Checking the accuracy of the data provided by the client, including information about the company suspected of fraud.
  2. Processing documents and sending requests to the relevant authorities.
  3. Notification of the client about the acceptance or refusal of his case.
  4. Starting a procedure.

Our heroes estimate the cost of their services at the initial modest 1% of the entire amount to be returned. However (according to the standard fraudulent scheme) in the process of work, it becomes necessary to pay all kinds of costs. If the client refuses, pressure is put on him, threats and outright blackmail are possible.

Let's summarize the study of the activities of British Legal Security Services by listing the detected signs of a scam:

  • cheap, uninformative site;
  • fake phone number and legal address;
  • lack of registration.

Given all of the above, we argue that we have before us a cunning fraudulent project, disguised as a solid organization with serious powers.

Refunds from a scam broker with British Legal Security Services are not possible.

If you are a victim of British Legal Security Services and don't know how to get your money back from a fraudulent broker, please leave your email in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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