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ChekBIT reviews scam
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Against the background of the ever-increasing interest of users in the possibility of making money on the Internet, blockchain technologies have created a huge stir. Fraudsters could not help but take advantage of this. Therefore, many people, besotted by bright advertising, in an effort to profit from innovative tools, lose their money due to cooperation with various unscrupulous services. Today we will talk about just one of these sites. The ChekBIT crypto wallet, which is the hero of our review, positions itself as a reliable intermediary in the storage and transfer of virtual currency. However, numerous negative reviews make the presented platform a contender for our black list of fraudulent brokers.

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ChekBIT: is it possible to withdraw funds from a scam broker

Main site:

Whois score:

ChekBIT reviews scam
Domain age

Brokers cheaters ChekBIT. Site analysis

The official website of ChekBIT consists of the main landing page, on which there is a transition to the authorization and registration forms. There are no other tabs on the site, however, as well as any information about the activities of the project. Although not, when you go to the registration window, in the footer of the web resource you can see links to the user agreement, privacy policy and tax obligations. The icons of all these “important” documents (actually ordinary fraudulent papers) are made in very small print and for a reason, but more on that later. In fact, we are dealing with another completely anonymous project that hides its contact and legal details, as well as terms of service.

It would seem that register in the wallet, and perhaps you can get more information. But that was not the case, the platform owners decided to use the already classic manipulation among scammers in the form of a promotional code. That is, until the curators of the project give the user a special digital key, he will not be able to get into his dungeons. This is done in order to avoid unnecessary attention from annoying "whistleblowers" and law enforcement agencies.

ChekBIT reviews scam

Fraudulent Broker ChekBIT: Licenses, Registration

First of all, let's find out the real date of creation of ChekBIT. According to the data obtained using Whois (screenshot at the beginning of the review), our new friends were born only 2 months ago - 07/08/2022. This indicates a lack of service experience and reliability. So don't be fooled by stories about millions of clients from all over the world and other incredible achievements.

As for the contact details and legal aspects of the operation of ChekBIT - again complete anonymity. The project does not provide any information. No regulators have ever heard of him. Although the wallet site is made exclusively in English, most likely its curators live somewhere in the CIS.

The user agreement and other documentation that we mentioned earlier are used by these comrades only to somehow legalize their fraudulent actions. They contain such clauses according to which ChekBIT does not bear any responsibility for technical failures, loss of funds, blocking of the wallet, etc. That is, if a deceived victim begins to arise because of the lost money, these documents are thrown off to her and they say that she herself agreed to this.

ChekBIT reviews scam

Since in our reviews on we run each financial institution through the databases of the Central Bank, it is worth noting that ChekBIT (no one doubted it) also failed this check. There is no information about these comrades in the registers of the main domestic regulator, so their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation are illegal.

ChekBIT reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Brokers (scam) ChekBIT. Legend

Since the ChekBIT website does not contain any information about the terms of service and cooperation with the service, we had to collect the necessary information bit by bit from the reviews of ex-customers of the site and various open sources. According to the data received, the project in question promises users the following list of available functions:

  • automated and understandable service;
  • support service working 24/7;
  • protection of the client account with special encryption;
  • data decentralization of all wallets;
  • use of source open source;
  • convenient private office.

It is clear that all this information is of the most superficial nature, because these comrades drive themselves as carefully as possible and try to stay in the shadows. To get access to the "details", you need a special promotional code that will not be given to anyone.

ChekBIT Fraud Broker Reviews

There are quite a lot of reviews about the activities of ChekBIT on the net, even though the service was launched only a few months ago. Everyone who was not lucky enough to cooperate with this muddy office talks about the fact that in words they promise one service conditions (“the best of the best”), but in reality everything is completely different. Instead of a loyal commission policy - huge requisitions. Instead of a responsive support service - a complete ignore. And as soon as a large amount enters the wallet, it is immediately blocked or reset due to unknown “failures”. And no one is going to bear any responsibility for the lost funds here.

ChekBIT reviews scam

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you have been deceived by a scam broker ChekBIT, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scam Brokers: How ChekBIT Works

ChekBIT uses the most standard and primitive cheating schemes. Service owners promote their wallet using social networks and various browser ads. Users are lured to the platform with beautiful promises in the form of very favorable and simple terms of cooperation.

As soon as the victim deposits his money on the balance, the fairy tale ends. Huge commission fees, restrictions on withdrawals and transfers, etc. immediately come out. If scammers get tired of gradually pulling money out of a client, they simply imitate some kind of technical failure and quickly write off the entire amount. For any requests, the support service either refuses, or simply bans the annoying user.

Also, quite often, such crypto wallets are used by various chargeback sites that return lost funds. These comrades tell their client that they found his money on some godforsaken service, only there you need to deposit some amount in order to return it. As a result - another divorce.

Results: ChekBIT scam broker how to get back lost money

The only purpose for which the ChekBIT crypto wallet was created was to steal other people's money. The service does not have any guarantees of the safety and security of funds, except for verbal ones, it goes without saying. These scammers have no legal basis for providing financial services. If you do not believe us, check out the reviews of the ex-customers of the site. Remember: withdrawal of funds from a fraudulent broker CheckBIT is not possible. Don't waste your time on this garbage!

If you have become a victim of ChekBIT and don't know how to get your money back from a fraudulent broker, leave your email in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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