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Coin U Be reviews scam
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Over the past few days, we have seen almost a dozen new projects from old scammers that promise untold riches, cooperation with an experienced and regulated broker. In fact, they are in the business of making money. Today, our black list of fraudulent brokers will be replenished by Coin U Be, which we will talk about in this review.

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Coin U Be: is it possible to withdraw funds from a scam broker

Main site:

Whois score:

Coin U Be reviews scam
Domain age

Coin U Be scam brokers. Site analysis

The Coin U Be website, like all sites from their series, is made in bright, eye-pleasing colors. But at the same time, it has a template structure identical to dozens of projects reviewed by us on Naturally, such resources are poorly indexed by search networks due to low uniqueness. The result is an extremely low price tag.

Coin U Be reviews scam
Site rating

The structure of the main page is divided into several typical blocks:

  • header with logo and menu (markets, trading conditions, about the company, contacts, list of available languages, authorization and registration buttons);
  • slider with main advantages;
  • a list of reasons why they choose Coin U Be;
  • three steps to get started;
  • a few more benefits;
  • world economic news;
  • account types.

Next comes the footer with registration data, as well as information about licenses received from regulators in the UK, Belize, Mauritius. Let's check this information, and at the same time a few other points.

Fraud broker Coin U Be: licenses, registration

We remind you that the information provided in our reviews is purely our opinion, based on an analysis of official information provided by the company, as well as reviews. You can always share your experience in a particular project in the comments.

As stated in the basement of the Coin U Be website, as well as in the contact section, this office is registered in Paphos.

Coin U Be reviews scam

We have verified this information. At this address, there is some kind of building, which even visually has little association with a reputable company. In addition, there is no data about our heroes in the object card.

Coin U Be reviews scam

We did not find a word about them in the open registers of the regulators mentioned above. It turns out that all these licenses are only in the fantasies of the organizers of this farce.

Coin U Be reviews scam Coin U Be reviews scam Coin U Be reviews scam Coin U Be reviews scam

Without changing its traditions, the Coin U Be team kindly provided the Russian version of the platform for Russian clients.

Coin U Be reviews scam

At the same time, these comrades never received any licenses from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, giving the right to work on the Russian market.

Coin U Be reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

For dessert, we left checking the real age of this project. After all, its creators tell an incredible success story. And they give no less impressive statistics, illustrating outstanding achievements.

Coin U Be reviews scam Coin U Be reviews scam

In fact, the Coin U Be website was specially installed on the old domain (see the very first screen in the review) in order to inspire confidence in especially inquisitive customers. At the same time, if you go to the web archive, it becomes obvious that the date of the site's formation is less than a couple of months.

Coin U Be reviews scam

Coin U Be reviews scam
Web Archive

Summarizing all of the above, we conclude that we have a template, completely anonymous project that has lied about its achievements for three boxes. So, working on it does not bode well for you.

Brokers (scam) Coin U Be. Legend

In the "about the company" section, the organizers of Coin U Be talk about how they provide easy and comfortable trading in the financial markets, providing the following benefits.

  • low entry threshold;
  • profitable commissions;
  • various accounts, based on financial capabilities and goals;
  • more than 200 trading instruments;
  • many functions for analysis;
  • high-quality service, fast technical support, working around the clock;
  • high order processing speed;
  • a qualified team that will literally take you by the hand to the heights of profit.

After completing a simple registration on the platform, you will have to choose a suitable trading account and replenish it, according to the tariffs. In total, three tariff plans have been developed for Coin U Be clients, which differ from each other in price and a set of options.

Coin U Be reviews scam

However, you should not believe all this. No matter how much money you put into the account, it will all be irretrievably merged and transferred to the offshore accounts of these benefactors. You will only have to sigh and regret your gullibility. Our guesses are confirmed by the information voiced in the next chapter.

Coin U Be Scam Broker Reviews

The fact that the Coin U Be project was just recently filed is confirmed by the meager number of references to it on the network. We were able to find only a few reviews on third-party resources. However, they were all negative. You can read the examples below and draw timely conclusions.

Coin U Be reviews scam

Coin U Be reviews scam

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you have been deceived by the scam broker Coin U Be, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Results: Coin U Be scam broker, how to get back lost money

Knowing how scam brokers work, let's summarize what we managed to find out about Coin U Be. So, the office has the following signs of a scam:

  • typical template, lack of intelligible information, cheap price tag for the site;
  • fake registration at a randomly selected address;
  • lying about obtained licenses from regulators;
  • lack of regulation by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, despite the focus of work with Russian-speaking traders;
  • lies about the experience and achievements of the company;
  • short period of work;
  • negative feedback.

We do not claim that our reviews are the ultimate truth. But we only give an opinion on the main features that define scammers. Based on our assessment, we can safely assume that withdrawal of funds from a fraudulent broker coin U Be - impossible.

If you have become a victim of Coin U Be, and do not know how to return money from a fraudulent broker, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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