EVVX Invest is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

EVVX Invest reviews scam
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Brokerage project EVVX Invest promises its clients the most comfortable environment and favorable conditions for the implementation of any trading strategy. A lot of advantages and an advanced platform that you can use without even installing it on your device - this is what the newly minted scam is trying to lure into its trap. We, without a shadow of a doubt, send these figures to the black list of scam brokers. Why - read the review.

Learn how to withdraw money

EVVX Invest: is it possible to withdraw funds from a scam broker

Main site:


Whois score:

EVVX Invest reviews scam
Domain age

Brokers are cheaters EVVX Invest. Site analysis

The EVVX Invest website meets all the standards of a scam platform so perfectly that it’s even boring. General vague formulations, their order and content - everything gives out another version of a primitive money scam. As usual with scammers, the specifics on the resource are zero, the sections of the main menu tritely transfer the user to the blocks of the main and only page. Everything suggests that the creation of this web masterpiece did not work much. However, this is a common picture, which we have seen many times in the framework of revelations on binarybets.ru.

The independent service also did not see any value in this creation.

EVVX Invest reviews scam
Site rating

Main page appearance:

  • in the header - logo, menu (about the company, benefits, trading, trading instruments, accounts, contacts, questions) and login/registration buttons;
  • Benefits;
  • about company;
  • trading terminal;
  • tools;
  • account types;
  • contacts;
  • a block of informative information about promising projects in 2022;
  • AQ

Contacts, legal address and internal legal documents are in the footer.

Fraudulent broker EVVX Invest: licenses, registration

It should be recalled that in our reviews we express only our own point of view, compiled on the basis of information from reliable sources: the official website of the company, open verification systems, as well as real user reviews. If you have experience of cooperation with the monitored project, you can always share it in the comments to the article.

Let's start with the contact details published on the EVVX Invest website.

EVVX Invest reviews scam

The phone number is valid and registered in London, but you should not call it, as well as send emails to the suggested address. Raking tons of SPAM in your email inbox or fending off annoying phone calls is dubious entertainment.

The specified London address led Google maps to the business center.

EVVX Invest reviews scam

In the list of offices registered in it, we did not find our brokers. They also did not find information about their registration in the state register of business entities in the UK.

EVVX Invest reviews scam

It was not surprising that the financial regulator FCA knows nothing about this sharaga and, accordingly, does not regulate its fishing.

EVVX Invest reviews scam

The comrades kindly provide the Russian-language version of the site, therefore, we also checked the database of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to see if they have permission to work with Russian traders.

EVVX Invest reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

And here, no surprises - the guys are absolutely illegal and do not actually exist in nature. But just in case, they insured themselves by refusing any responsibility for the damage caused to users by their miserable resource.

EVVX Invest reviews scam

By the way, the EVVX Invest website was launched almost three months ago (you can see the result of checking the domain age on the first screen of the article). But judging by its price and lack of reviews, this cheap scam is not in great demand.

Brokers (scam) EVVX Invest. Legend

EVVX Invest positions itself as a reliable intermediary between a user who wants to easily make money on popular trading assets and a financial exchange. The unique trading platform offered by our heroes does not even need to be downloaded to the device. A web terminal with a user-friendly interface and powerful functionality provides round-the-clock access to a variety of trading resources and analytics of the current state of the market. The benefits of cooperation with our pseudo-brokers are also voiced according to the standard template:

  • reliable protection of assets;
  • a full range of trading instruments (156+, to be exact);
  • availability of site versions in many languages;
  • low spreads;
  • bonus system and profitable promotions;
  • professional team of 200 people;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • more than 20 thousand open accounts;
  • training program in the format of video lessons;
  • up-to-date market data and analytics.

It is very easy to start trading - register on the site and open an account at any of the offered rates.

EVVX Invest reviews scam

The scheme of seduction for large deposits is the same: the more you pay, the more bonuses you get in the form of additional functions. Details about the system for withdrawing profits and about possible commissions, the client will learn only in his personal account after replenishing the account. Very prudent, given the tradition of scammers to treat customers in person over the phone.

Under various pretexts, the scammers are forcing you to constantly increase deposits. Everything is involved: from the promise of exorbitant profits to outright blackmail and threats to block access to the account. However, in the end, this is how cooperation with EVVX Invest ends: the crooks simply disappear along with the loot.

Reviews of fraudulent brokers EVVX Invest

As we mentioned above, no comments were found on the network from users of the EVVX Invest website. Perhaps, in the three months of their existence, scammers have learned to track and remove inconvenient reviews. But we are still inclined to the version that this ridiculous web resource simply does not inspire confidence.

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you have been deceived by a fraudulent broker EVVX Invest, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Results: fraudulent broker EVVX Invest, how to return the lost money

Let's sum up the results of a thorough study of the activities of the EVVX Invest office and announce all the signs of a scam found:

  • cheap, uninformative site;
  • lack of mentions in Google maps and search engines;
  • lack of registration and licenses, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • unconfirmed data about the staff and a huge number of customers.

Based on all of the above, we can argue that we have a typical scam project created for one purpose - extorting money from gullible citizens.

We do not claim that our reviews are the ultimate truth. But we only give an opinion on the main features that define scammers. Based on our assessment, we can safely assume that withdrawal of funds from a fraudulent broker EVVX Invest - impossible.

If you have become a victim of EVVX Invest and do not know how to get your money back from a fraudulent broker, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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