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Garanel reviews scam
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Another pseudo-broker with the well-known domain name “.live” came to our review. We present to your attention another startup of experienced charlatans with the promising name Garanel. This sharashka office adheres to complete anonymity, it does not have a normal website and any legal grounds for working in the financial sector. All in all, a complete package. Today, according to the standard, we will analyze all aspects of the functioning of the presented site and add another name to our black list of fraudulent brokers.

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Garanel: is it possible to withdraw funds from a scam broker

Main site:

Whois score:

Garanel reviews scam
Domain age

Fraud brokers Garanel. Site analysis

In fact, there is nothing to analyze here. The Garanel site is a primitive landing page, from which we are offered to either enter the service or go through the registration procedure. There is no information regarding the activities of the project in question on the web resource - it is absolutely empty. Moreover, it is impossible to get on the broker's internal platform without a special promotional code, which, apparently, can only be obtained from advertisers and site employees.

These are all standard scams. With such a shadow business, these charlatans do not need to maintain a normal website, the project can be curtailed and opened under a new name at any time (which, in other words, these comrades do). Only real clients who are ready to invest money are allowed on the portal, and this approach also allows you to avoid unnecessary attention from whistleblowers and law enforcement agencies.

In confirmation of our words, a screenshot of checking the cost of this web resource will be published below. As we can see, its attendance and indexing by search engines is zero. No one has invested in the project and is not going to do it. A specialized service estimated this brainchild at a well-deserved 1 ruble.

Garanel reviews scam
Site rating

Fraud broker Garanel: licenses, registration

First, let's determine the real age of our intermediary. Most scammers make a mistake on this seemingly insignificant detail, talking about impressive experience and numerous achievements. The Whois service (screenshot at the beginning of the review) helped us find out that Garanel was actually born just a couple of months ago, or rather, on 08/12/2022.

The project chose to remain completely anonymous. None of the documents could find fundamental information regarding his work:

  • legal information not provided (country, address and company registration number);
  • there is no roadmap indicating the date of creation of the broker and the stages of its formation;
  • data on cooperation with regulatory organizations and obtained licenses are not announced;
  • the names of the owners, managers and team members are kept secret.

Project contact information is provided by e-mail, which is published in internal offers. There are no other channels for communication with company representatives. Support service hours are not set.

For the sake of decency, we decided to break through the organization in question according to the registers of the Central Bank, which regulates the activities of all brokers in the Russian Federation. As it turned out - not in vain. Our new friends are listed in the registers of the main domestic regulator as an illegal participant in the securities market. This is where everything fell into place.

Garanel reviews scam
Blacklist of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Brokers (scam) Garanel. Legend

The broker's trading conditions are specified in the document "Categories of Clients" (in the same "Terms and Conditions" that can be found during registration). According to the available data, platform users are divided into 3 categories.

  1. "Standard Clients". A category of traders who do not have professional skills and training. Account conditions require replenishment of the trading account from 10 thousand euros.
  2. VIP Clients. Experienced traders with knowledge and qualifications. Deposit to start trading: 10-50 thousand euros.
  3. Premium Clients. The broker offers premium service for initial deposits from 50 thousand euros.

Garanel reviews scam

The broker offers access to the following trading assets and financial market instruments:

  • currency pairs;
  • precious metals;
  • commodities and energy products;
  • securities;
  • stock indices;
  • cryptocurrencies.

To replenish the trading account, the following are used: bank transfers, credit / debit cards, online wallets.

Reviews of Fraud Brokers Garanel

Although our broker is trying by all possible means to stay in the background, everything secret becomes clear sooner or later. In just a couple of months of work, these comrades managed to check in on many thematic resources and collect a lot of reviews, almost all of which are negative. Former Garanel clients speak of blatant scams, extortion and threats. At the same time, scammers themselves go out to their victims and use only the most anonymous communication channels. In general, we are dealing with very experienced charlatans. For the most incredulous, several screenshots of real clients of the service in question will be posted below.

Garanel reviews scam Garanel reviews scam

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you have been deceived by the fraudulent broker Garanel, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scam Brokers: How Garanel Works

On our portal, we have already exposed more than a dozen fraudulent brokers identical to Garanel. All these are the most primitive "scams" using the simplest divorce schemes.

These guys buy ready-made software in the shadow segment of the Internet to create a fake trading terminal. All transactions in it are fictitious and are under the complete control of scammers. So the main task for them is the search for victims. In this case, these comrades know a lot. They create a lot of ads with very lucrative job offers, register fake accounts on social networks and dating sites, buy ads, call people through leaked databases, etc.

After the client is found, it is processed according to a special script. When the scammers realize that a person is already ready to invest money, they throw off the platform we have reviewed and help him through a simple registration.

The further essence of divorce is to defraud the victim of the maximum amount of money. Here, promises, and fake successful deals, and various threats, and fictitious commissions, etc. are used. Most importantly, the outcome of all these manipulations is the same - as soon as the victim begins to ask uncomfortable questions or suspect something, they quickly block her and stop contacting her.

Results: fraudulent broker Garanel how to get back the lost money

There were no doubts here and cannot be, Garanel is a typical “bubble collector” that has nothing to do with real brokerage services. This sharaga has neither a normal website, nor any legal documents, nor access to real markets. They are interested in their customers only until they replenish their account. All this is confirmed by us and dozens of reviews from ex-clients of this muddy office. Withdrawal of funds from the fraudulent broker Garanel is not possible. All we can advise you is to avoid any cooperation with the presented service and the like. Protect yourself and your loved ones from meaningless financial investments.

If you are a victim of Garanel and don't know how to get your money back from a fraudulent broker, leave your email in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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