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EZRA reviews scam
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The number of sites offering professional legal services to recover funds from deceived depositors is growing at a tremendous rate. A victim of financial fraud in search of justice falls into the net of a new scammer disguised as a lawyer. EZRA is a typical example of a scam promising a successful chargeback. Why this office caused us doubts - read the review.

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EZRA: is it possible to withdraw funds using a scammer

Main site:


Whois score:

EZRA reviews scam
Domain age

Lawyers are crooks EZRA. Site analysis

EZRA's web resource is made according to a standard template and stuffed with a lot of information. Services for the return of funds stolen by fraudsters are only a special case, not a specialization. The field of activity of these lawyers is extensive, the scheme of work with a client includes ten stages, even an approximate price tag is indicated. But all these are just general formulations, there is no specific information about the creation of the office, results of work and legal documents on the site. But in each of its blocks there is an annoying offer to leave a request for a call.

An independent site evaluation service gave the following modest result.

EZRA reviews scam
Site rating

Main page appearance:

  • in the header - logo, menu (services, scheme of work, results of cases, contacts) and a button for ordering a consultation);
  • list of services;
  • scheme of interaction with the client;
  • STD consultation request form;
  • service cost;
  • application for consultation on the protection of deceived depositors.

In the footer - contacts, sitemap, subsections for individuals and legal entities and registration data.

Fraudulent lawyer EZRA: licenses, registration

Let's clarify an important point. The process of returning funds stolen by a fraudster is complex and its outcome is determined by many factors: from the reaction of the broker's bank to a request to cancel the transaction, to the likely litigation, which does not always end well for the plaintiff. Not a single professional lawyer will guarantee the return of what has been lost, only scammers are not afraid for their reputation and make loud promises.

Let's start with the contact details provided by EZRA.

EZRA reviews scam

A Moscow business center was found at the specified address, but no mention of our heroes was found.

EZRA reviews scam

The phone is valid, but it is better not to call it, as well as order a consultation. It's not a fact that you will get answers to your questions, but your number will be in the database of scammers from the dark web.

An online chat is also offered, which immediately makes clear the true purpose of the site and the priorities of these fake lawyers.

EZRA reviews scam

The footer contains the name of the IP and its registration data.

EZRA reviews scam

Judging by the extract from the USRIP, Egor Vladimirovich Tarasov has indeed been carrying out legal activities since August 2021.

EZRA reviews scam EZRA reviews scam

But it is unlikely that he is related to the EZRA company, which does not have official registration.

EZRA reviews scam

In this impressive list of organizations of the same name, it is not. The guys simply stole other people's data from an open database and posted it on their website to maintain the legend.

On their resource, our heroes do not report the age and experience of the company, there are no statistics of success or reviews of grateful customers. The block "results of cases" does not open at all. Checking the age of the domain showed that it was created in 2016 (see the first screen in the article).

Judging by the data of the web archive, it was empty for a long time and was eventually put up for sale, which our cunning people took advantage of.

EZRA reviews scam
Web Archive

EZRA reviews scam

Looks like they just bought back the old domain in 2022 to give the appearance of great experience and integrity.

The EZRA office also does not have a user agreement voicing the rights and responsibilities of the parties. All their promises and guarantees are fixed only on beautiful words and do not inspire confidence.

Legal company-scam EZRA. Legend

According to its own version, ERZA is engaged in legal support: it protects consumer rights and other interests of clients in court, deals with divorce proceedings and debt relief. Services for legal entities are also announced.

A separate block of the site is devoted to the chargeback procedure, which guarantees the return of funds stolen by fraudsters and describes in detail the stages of work.

The ERZA office is modestly silent about any advantages of its working scheme or professional qualities.

Reviews about EZRA scammers

We did not find comments from users of the ERZA company website on the network. The logical assumption that this cheap scam is not popular only pleases us.

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you were deceived by the EZRA scammer, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Fraudulent Lawyers: How EZRA Works

The scheme of an individual approach of the ERZA office to each client impresses with the scale and descriptions of each step. Let's briefly describe this beautiful legend.

  1. Application from the site and a phone call from an employee.
  2. A meeting to clarify the details and develop a strategy.
  3. The conclusion of the contract.
  4. Collection of documents.
  5. Drafting requests, notices and statements of claim.
  6. Study of legislation and review of similar cases.
  7. Judicial control.
  8. Representation in court.
  9. Obtaining a court decision.
  10. Discussion of the results of the litigation and the issue of recovery of court costs.

The guys voice the cost of their services quite specifically: 6 - 8 thousand rubles per hour of work. But they honestly warn about the nuances and possible costs that are individual for each case.

We dare to assume that ERZA works according to a standard fraudulent scheme: having received payment from the client, swindlers for some time create the appearance of work. Perhaps extorting new contributions for each completed stage under the pretext of commission fees or paid services.

But as soon as the client suspects something is wrong and refuses to pay or demands reporting, black lawyers turn to outright blackmail and threats. If the client continues to resist, they simply block his number and disappear along with the money received. And it is almost impossible to find a company that is not registered anywhere.

Results: EZRA scammer, how to return lost money

Let's sum up the study of the activities of the office of pseudo-lawyers ERZA and list all the identified signs of a scam:

  • site with a low price tag;
  • lack of registration;
  • data stolen from the state register;
  • lack of mentions in Google maps and search engines.

Based on the above, we can confidently state that refund from scam broker with EZRA - impossible.

If you have become a victim of EZRA, or do not know how to return money from a fraudulent broker, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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