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The mass appearance of new scam schemes on the Web has reached enormous proportions. This conveyor led to the emergence of law firms designed to counter it. But now the same scammers, but already under the guise of specialists in the return of stolen funds, continue to turn their dark deeds. The hero of today's review is the Lider company, posing as a chargeback specialist. What caused our doubts about the activities of this office - read the review.

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Lider: is it possible to withdraw funds using a scammer

Main site:


Whois score:

Leader reviews scam
Domain age

Lawyers cheaters Leader. Site analysis

The Lider company's web resource is a cheap template option, the creation of which was greatly saved. The result was the absolute unpresentability of the site, designed to inspire respect for the status of a legal organization. Information blocks are filled with water and loud statements about the professionalism of the employees, as well as an abundance of photos and videos. Specific information about the history of the company or the intricacies of its work has not been announced.

An independent appraisal service has determined the expected value of this creation.

Leader reviews scam
Site rating

Let's describe the appearance of the main page:

  • in the header - logo, menu (about the company, reviews, contacts, FQ), call order button, USP and an invitation to a free consultation;
  • list of banks;
  • principles of the company and a video about the return of funds;
  • photos of team members;
  • performance and benefits;
  • signs of fraud;
  • refund steps;
  • customer reviews;
  • application form for a free consultation;
  • team photo session.

In the footer - site map, contacts and user agreement.

Fraudulent lawyer Lider: licenses, registration

Let's clarify an important point: the process of returning funds is very complicated and completely unpredictable. The outcome of a case is determined by many factors, from the reaction of your broker's bank to a request to cancel a transaction, to a possible litigation, which does not always end successfully. Therefore, no self-respecting professional lawyer will guarantee you a 100% chargeback. Only scammers can make such big promises without worrying about their own reputation.

Let's start a detailed review of the data provided by Lider, from the Berlin address indicated in the footer of the site.

Leader reviews scam

Google maps identified it as the location of the law office. It has nothing to do with our office.

Leader reviews scam

Landline phone numbers are real and registered in Germany. However, we did not call them for security reasons. And we do not advise you to substitute your number under the shock wave of SPAM.

There are no other ways to get in direct contact with the company, even the online chat is a copy of the application for a free consultation.

Lider law firm considers the fact of official registration to be an advantage of the principles of its work - this guarantees full compliance with the laws of the European Union. However, in the open register of legal entities in Germany, our heroes are not in the list of companies with similar names.

Leader reviews scam

Since the site is designed in Russian and is clearly designed for a domestic audience, we checked the presence of the guys in the Russian database.

Leader reviews scam

Found only a partial match with the name of a company that has long ceased to exist.

Now about the luxurious photo shoot of the team. It would be interesting to know who all these people really are and whether they know how their photographs are being used.

Leader reviews scam

General Director Irina Lukovskaya also does a lot of other things, judging by the search data. As well as financial expert Evgeny Rudy, who is also a lawyer in Penza and not only there.

Leader reviews scam

Leader reviews scam

The guys are modestly silent about their many years of experience, only in the footer is the year the site was launched - 2008. But checking the domain age, the results of which can be seen on the first screen in the article, showed that the office was only a few months old.

It's amazing how our lawyers have achieved such success in such a short time.

Leader reviews scam

It is obvious that these statistics do not reflect reality, but the flight of wild imagination of black lawyers from Lider. She is drawn solely to impress and convince the unfortunate victim, robbed by scammers, of her competence.

For the same purpose, a user agreement has also been published on the site. It touches one detail.

Leader reviews scam

Apparently 1000 r. - this is all that can be returned with the help of these unfortunate lawyers. And even that is not a fact.

Legal company-scam Lider. Legend

According to its own version, Lider is a community of cool experts specializing in the return of funds from online casinos, from unscrupulous brokers and investment houses, as well as bookmakers. The comrades are so confident in their own professionalism that they guarantee a successful chargeback within seven working days, and even without prepayment.

The benefits are stated as follows:

  • speed and efficiency of work;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • result guarantee;
  • official registration;
  • cooperation with the world's leading financial institutions.

What is really happening is easy to guess, all black lawyers have approximately the same schemes. The main thing for them is to gain confidence in the robbed victim, but already at the stage of collecting documents, it becomes necessary to pay all sorts of working costs. At the same time, scammers do not provide reporting on work or they slip fiction.

Lider scam reviews

On its website, Lider published three video testimonials from grateful customers.

Leader reviews scam

All of them, of course, are positive and full of enthusiasm about the work of our chargeback specialists.

The source of these videos is unknown, as well as whether the clients on the recordings are real.

We did not find any reviews about our heroes on the Web, which may mean that their shoddy site is not very popular. Or they themselves monitor and clean up negative comments.

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you have been deceived by the scammer Lider - leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Fraudulent lawyers: how Lider work

According to the tradition of scam lawyers, the Lider office voices the four main stages of its instant and effective work.

  1. Free consultation (study of documentation, determination of terms).
  2. Collection of information (requests in the instance).
  3. Actually a refund.
  4. Handing over the entire amount to the client, and receiving a well-deserved commission.

The tricksters do not disclose the details of their work and simplify the return process as much as possible. Which is not surprising, because they only create the appearance of work. They put pressure on the client with phone calls, extorting money under various pretexts. And at the slightest threat of exposure, they block the number and safely hide along with the money.

Results: Lider scammer, how to get back lost money

Let's summarize our review of Lider's false lawyers by listing all the identified signs of a scam:

  • cheap uninformative site;
  • invalid address;
  • lack of registration;
  • lies about the successful experience and age of the company;
  • fake positive reviews.

We can state with all certainty that refund from a fraudulent broker with Lider - impossible.

If you have become a victim of Lider, or do not know how to return money from a fraudulent broker, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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