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PowerConsult reviews scam
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The number of one-day firms that offer brokerage services and easy money is constantly growing. Despite numerous cases of fraud and constant warnings about the risk of losing more than earning, people continue to fall for this bait. On this wave, a new type of scam appeared and is gaining momentum - chargeback services, that is, the return of money stolen by a fraudster. The company promises legal assistance in the legal return of money to the victim for a fee in the form of a percentage of the proceeds. But in reality, everything happens in a completely different way, as we will find out by getting to know PowerConsult better.

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PowerConsult: is it possible to withdraw funds using a scammer

Main site:


Whois score:

PowerConsult reviews scam
Domain age

Lawyers cheaters PowerConsult. Site analysis

The site of these fighters for justice is a primitive constructor filled with stock pictures and self-promotion. PowerConsult offers professional assistance in unpleasant situations related to the loss of money, promising an individual approach and full transparency of work. At the same time, they have no specific information on the site, the buttons do not work and the menu blocks do not open. The only thing you can do is enter your phone number on the application form and wait for a call.

An independent service, as expected, estimated this misunderstanding to a minimum.

PowerConsult reviews scam
Site rating

The main and only working page of the site looks like this:

  • in the header there is a logo, menu (services, about us, reviews, contacts, return money) and an application form;
  • a block of stock images and a colorful description of the company's activities;
  • a list of services with a non-working button for details;
  • block about the company;
  • algorithm of work in five stages;
  • statistics;
  • another advantage in the form of professional support from world-class specialists;
  • reviews;
  • again an invitation for a telephone consultation.

In the footer there is a user agreement, privacy policy, contacts and legal address.

PowerConsult reviews scam

There is also a site map, but it is inactive: each item simply duplicates the main page.

Lawyer fraudster PowerConsult: licenses, registration

Let's clarify one important point. It is very difficult to return the money stolen by scammers. The success of this case depends on many factors: from the behavior of the broker's bank in response to the request to cancel the transaction, to the likely litigation, which does not always end well for the victim. Therefore, a professional lawyer who values his reputation will not give you a 100% guarantee of a successful return of lost funds. And scammers, like our heroes today, do not skimp on loud promises to return everything to the last cent.

By tradition, we begin the investigation of the PowerConsult law office by studying contacts. The phone number is quite real, but we do not advise you to call it, so as not to cause a stream of SPAM and unwanted calls.

PowerConsult reviews scam

For the same reason, it is better not to write letters to the proposed e-mail box.

There is an office building at the indicated address in the Netherlands, but no one similar to our comrades was found in the list of organizations working there.

PowerConsult reviews scam
Address verification

As not found and any information in the local registry.

PowerConsult reviews scam

Beautiful statistics about the success of this office can not be called anything other than fiction.

PowerConsult reviews scam

Even experienced successful companies do not always boast of such achievements in just three to four months. Namely, how many PowerConsult deceivers exist, judging by the first screen in this article.

What is available and opens flawlessly on the site of these scammers is the text of the agreement on the rights and obligations of the parties. Laconically and without false modesty, the guys disclaim responsibility for any financial losses of their clients.

PowerConsult reviews scam

And given that, if necessary, it will not be possible to contact them (having a telephone does not give such a guarantee), it is better to seek help from reliable and trusted lawyers.

Legal company-scam PowerConsult. Legend

Promises of an individual approach and a strategy for each case, transparency and a guarantee of 99% a successful return of funds (thank you for not 100%) - this is a beautiful legend of PowerConsult black lawyers. These honest guys claim that already at the first consultation they will determine the degree of success of your case. They allegedly do not take on hopeless cases, but we dare to assume that they do not come across such cases.

As confirmation of its laudatory stories, the company cites a lot of positive feedback from happy citizens saved from ruin. This is nothing more than another beautiful lie, there are no such comments on the network.

PowerConsult scam reviews

Surprisingly, out of 1950 PowerConsult customers (according to their own statistics), no one dared to leave a review about their experience. We didn't find any negative reviews either. In the search engines, as we have seen, our brave team of lawyers also did not leave a legacy. It’s as if they don’t exist at all, or this wretched site does not arouse interest, which cannot but rejoice.

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you were deceived by the PowerConsult scammer, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Fraudulent Lawyers: How PowerConsult Works

For the “long-term” experience (we remind you about the age of the domain in several months), the company has developed a clear algorithm of actions:

  1. Application and waiting for a call with a subsequent consultation.
  2. Conclusion of an agreement for the purpose of legal representation of you in various organizations.
  3. Gathering information about your case.
  4. Submission of applications to the required authorities.
  5. actually the return itself, which is beyond doubt.

We insist that this semblance of a coherent and productive system should by no means be believed. The first and only thing that you will receive as a result of the work of these crooks is invoices for expenses, after payment of which communication with you will be interrupted. This is a real fraudulent scheme of all such offices.

Results: PowerConsult scammer, how to get back lost money

So, let's list all the signs of an ordinary scam that PowerConsult demonstrates:

  • poor uninformative site with a symbolic price of 1 ruble;
  • fake address;
  • inaccurate information about experience;
  • fake reviews;
  • lack of any mentions in search engines;
  • short duration of the project.

All these convincing arguments are designed to warn you not to mess with this dubious office that promises mountains of gold. A real lawyer who practices such cases will not guarantee success. But confirm that a refund from a scam broker with PowerConsult is not possible.

If you have become a victim of PowerConsult, or do not know how to return money from a fraudulent broker, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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