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Upbit Trade reviews scam
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Like it or not, the number of scammers on the Internet does not cease to decrease. The thing is that people themselves generate demand for such projects, looking for the magic “loot” button. And it would be a sin not to take advantage of the situation when potential "hamsters" themselves are asking to be bred into some kind of scam. This is how our new contender for getting into the black list of fraudulent brokers turned out to be - Upbit Trade. In the review, we will tell you about the main “jambs” of these guys and the reasons why we do not recommend investing in their project.

Learn how to withdraw money

Upbit Trade: is it possible to withdraw funds from a scam broker

Main site:


Whois score:

Upbit Trade reviews scam
Domain age

Brokers are scammers Upbit Trade. Site analysis

The Upbit Trade website doesn't look bad. But not to be worthy of the status of a company with many years of experience. The template, pictures, cheap marketing tricks - everything here gives out a third-rate scam, which we usually see in our reviews on binarybets.ru.

An independent service estimated this work of web art for a record amount.

Upbit Trade reviews scam
Site rating

On the main page you can see the following blocks:

  • a header with a schedule, a list of available languages, social media buttons and a link to the registration section;
  • menu (about the company, answers to questions, plans, contacts, login / subscription);
  • brief information about the activities of Upbit Trade;
  • services/benefits provided by the company;
  • reviews of satisfied investors;
  • team of experts.

In the "footer" we see some more information about the project, a site map, social network buttons and a line for subscribing to the newsletter. At the very bottom is a button to call the support chat, which scrolls along with the screens of the main page.

Let's try to dig out at least some official information in all this and check it for authenticity.

Fraud broker Upbit Trade: licenses, registration

We remind you that the information that we voice in our reviews is purely our opinion, based on an analysis of official information provided by the company, as well as reviews. You can always share your experience in a particular project in the comments.

The Upbit Trade website has a very interesting contact section. For the elite, they provide a phone number where you can call directly to the support service. But for the servants - there is a feedback form, e-mail and registration address.

Upbit Trade reviews scam

We checked the address information through Google maps and stumbled upon a pasta shop. We did not find any more information in the card of this building, including about our monitored ones.

Upbit Trade reviews scam

We see no point in contacting other communication channels. Because in case of problems, the answer will have to wait a long time. But you will highlight your contact details, even if you do not register.

Naturally, no one gave any licenses to the pasta shop. Upbit Trade is modestly silent about regulation. Therefore, we independently checked whether they had at least a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The result was expected.

Upbit Trade reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

The section with the team of "experts" also amused us.

Upbit Trade reviews scam Upbit Trade reviews scam

The guys probably forgot about the existence of a browser-based photo search function, posting under the left names photos of people from business news, and even a dating site. We gladly took advantage of the available option to reveal another deception of these scammers.

Upbit Trade reviews scam Upbit Trade reviews scam Upbit Trade reviews scam

Another point is the inconsistency of different parts of the site with each other. It is obvious that our surveyed changed their shoes more than once. Since in one of the blocks of the main page we found a completely left resource that is in no way connected with Upbit Trade.

Upbit Trade reviews scam

The icing on this awkward cake was an outright lie about Upbit Trade's experience. In a brief reference of the company, our heroes said that they have been working since 2015. Moreover, according to the verification of domains, the age of their site is only a few months (the result of the examination is on the screen at the beginning of the review).

Upbit Trade reviews scam

Thus, we have before us a primitive scam that defrauds people of money and gives nothing in return. We will talk about one more curious fact about Upbit Trade in the next chapter.

Brokers (scam) Upbit Trade. Legend

Upbit Trade position themselves as a company whose activities are based on the management of investments in enterprises and projects related to cryptocurrency, mining, blockchain technology. The brand was created in 2015 and during its work was able to create a unique service that has the following advantages:

  • profitable investment in crypto;
  • best 24/7 support;
  • financial planning from experts;
  • instant withdrawal of funds;
  • high incomes on a full machine, thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team.

But the most interesting begins in the section with investment plans. In Upbit Trade, you need to invest at least $50 in order to receive from 8% of this amount every day. And the more you invest, the more profit you get.

Upbit Trade reviews scam
Investment plans

In fact, it all looks like cheap stuff. After all, if you connect elementary arithmetic to these investment plans, it turns out that Upbit Trade pays its investors dividends in the amount of 2920% per annum. Which, of course, is impossible. No one will pay counterparties more than they invested in the project. Perhaps at first you will be charged some pennies. But as soon as you go to a big game, you'll be dumped.

Our opinion is confirmed by the information from the next chapter.

Reviews of scam brokers Upbit Trade

Although the organizers of Upbit Trade tried to create a positive image by attaching a block with laudatory reviews to their website, the real state of affairs does not look so happy.

Upbit Trade reviews scam

Users complain that it is impossible to make money in the project. Nobody withdraws money. And you can wait a very long time for a response from support. Those who are too persistently interested in their earnings are generally blocked.

Upbit Trade reviews scam

Upbit Trade reviews scam

Is it possible to get money back from a fraudulent broker? It is easier to prevent their loss by reading our reviews and checking the information that scammers post. If you have been deceived by a scam broker Upbit Trade, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Results: Upbit Trade scam broker, how to get back the lost money

Knowing how scam brokers work, let's summarize what we managed to learn about Upbit Trade. So, the office has the following signs of a scam:

  • primitive, cheap site with standard content;
  • lack of regulation, license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • the use of left photographs of people as a company team;
  • false information about the experience and achievements of the brand;
  • misleading users with promises of high percentages on a full automatic basis;
  • inconsistency of information among themselves;
  • fake reviews written to order;
  • negative real comments.

We do not claim that our reviews are the ultimate truth. But we only give an opinion on the main features that define scammers. Based on our assessment, we can safely assume that withdrawal of funds from a fraudulent broker Upbit Trade - not possible.

If you have become a victim of Upbit Trade and don't know how to get your money back from a fraudulent broker, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to help you get a refund from a fraudulent broker.

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