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VouDeal broker reviews
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Today we are sorting out the old VouDeal scammers who still manage to deceive our brother by changing sites, with the same speed with which honest people give them their hard-earned money, being led by the promises of mountains of gold and quickly conquering the heights of the Forex market. At the same time, the scheme of luring other people's money remains unchanged and old as the world.

But first things first…

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Vou Deal. General information about the broker. Website, licenses, legal information

Main scam site:



VouDeal broker reviews
Trustrong Service Rating

According to the portal, you can also find out that there is another site on the specified IP:


Site analysis

The main site of the company is presented by a simple one-page, created at no extra cost on a standard template. At the top is a button to register and enter the site. Below are two whole sections with the benefits of cooperation with a broker, instructions for registering on the site. Then three entry options are offered, with deposits of 150, 1000 and 10,000 USD. (God forbid you choose the last package).

The site footer contains brief information about the legal address of the company, license number, data on regulators.

As you can see, the company can only be contacted through a physical address in Cyprus. The office does not publish any phone numbers or links to social networks.

And if you are not too lazy and drive the given address into Google maps, then it will completely turn out that there is a medical center at this place.

The company also writes that it has registration at the specified address. However, based on the foregoing, it becomes clear that the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Cyprus does not contain any data on VouDeal.

At the end it is written that the site is protected by an SSL certificate, apparently also to increase user confidence. When registering, the broker provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with standard agreements on privacy policy and risks, as well as a client-user agreement, which, by the way, wanders through many one-day sites with a difference only in the names of brokers.

The company loudly declares that it has been operating since 2018 and during this time has managed to enter the TOP-5 brokers in 90 countries. At the same time, out of 570 thousand open accounts, more than 500 thousand users became successful investors and conquered the financial market together with VouDeal. Is it so?

Despite the fact that the VouDeal.com domain was indeed registered back in 2016, at that time the broker had nothing to do with it. After all, everyone knows the possibility of buying vacant domains that were not renewed by the previous owner.

Three years ago there was a coupon site on this domain. And only in 2021 it became a broker platform.

VouDeal broker reviews
Analysis of site information on the Whois site

Having found out that the “many years of experience” of the “team of professionals” is a clumsily disguised legend, we move on.

Availability of a license

The fact that there is not a single mention of VouDeal on any European or American review site.

The main indicator of the reliability of a broker is its license. VouDeal has it fake. Neither the date nor other information, except for the fake number and data on the commission that issued it, is given on the site. In addition, there is no information about the VouDeal organization in the database of the Cyprus regulators declared by the broker.

There is no information about VouDeal in the register of licensees of Mauritius. It is also interesting that in the section with benefits, the office brings as many as 8 partners, but only 3 of them “survive” to the “footer”, and those, as it turns out, have nothing to do with this organization.

VouDeal broker reviews
Database of legal entities in Cyprus

From all this it follows that this broker is free to do whatever he pleases. And remain unpunished.

Features of the company. Tools and conditions for traders

Among the other pieces of cheese stuffed with the VouDeal mousetrap are:

  • over 150 trading instruments, 62 currency pairs and Forex stock indices, as well as securities, metals and other assets;
  • no fees for withdrawals and deposits;
  • any method of depositing funds;
  • full control of the broker's activities by independent regulators;
  • minimum spreads due to work without intermediaries, even with a high level of market volatility;
  • 24/7 customer support, news coverage, unique conditions for newcomers, etc.

The broker assures that it carefully stores the money of traders offshore in a safe place (and this is true!, once they fall into his pocket, it will be impossible to pick them up).

The system assumes a simple 3-step registration algorithm.

  1. Deposit replenishment.
  2. Account registration.
  3. Getting started with VouDeal.

And that's it. You trapped on the way to the promised financial independence.

As already mentioned, the broker offers three options for registering an account, starting from a deposit of 150 USD.

At the same time, a huge leverage is additionally given, up to 1:500. For beginners, this may seem like a real Klondike. But in reality, this will help you lose your money even faster.

International regulators do not recommend using leverage above 1:50. But this, as well as any other important information on the broker's website, is tactfully silent.

Real customer reviews VouDeal

In confirmation of the above, we present fresh reviews from real investors who fell victim to rogues called VouDeal.

VouDeal broker reviews

VouDeal broker reviews

VouDeal broker reviews
VouDeal broker reviews

We conclude that in fact, these guys have nothing to do with the financial market.

That the project was created in order to take possession of your money, under the guise of flattering promises of high returns on investment. These are real criminals who drag their victims into loans and debt pits.

The company uses ad networks, social media targeting, phone calls to lure as many people as possible into its trap.

At the same time, the activity of the office is aimed at the Russian-speaking audience. However, there is no need to speak about the fact that there is no data on the broker's license on the website of the Central Bank.

If you have been a victim of scammers like VouDeal, leave your feedback in the comments below this review. Let as many people as possible learn about the activities of these pseudo-brokers.

VouDeal user fraud scheme

Fraudsters ingratiate themselves with potential victims by giving them the opportunity to withdraw small amounts of money. But after the user has made a serious deposit, and then applied for a withdrawal of money, he will be merged by blocking the account, rejecting the application, or taking payment for fictitious services. This is a typical scheme of black brokers, which are full not only in the investment market, but also in the field of microcredit.

Lohobroker does not bring any client transactions to the international arena. Everything that an investor sees in his interface is a cartoon that is created for him in real time by a specially trained person on the other side of the screen.

By doing such simple actions, scammers can easily extract huge sums of money from customers. After all, it is difficult not to succumb to the temptation and not to deposit an even larger amount, seeing how fake numbers are growing on a non-existent balance sheet.

The most effective way to lull vigilance is the “customer care service”, which gives recommendations and helps to “get comfortable” in the world of investments.

In reality, only the black broker VouDeal increases its income. And the trader who bought into the “loot button” very soon has nothing left but emptiness in his pockets and disappointment, which he splashes out in negative reviews, examples of which you read above.


Broker VouDeal are typical crooks. All the information that is given on their website, from loud promises to legal data, is a lie. This site will last a few months and then disappear just as it appeared.

If you do not want to be left with nothing, you should not work with such offices. They have no registration, no documents, no conscience.

If you have already invested money in the VouDeal project and want to return the stolen money, do not delay it. Consult a good financial lawyer.

You can also get step-by-step instructions with illustrations on How to get money back from a fraudulent broker. Just fill out the form and we will send a detailed algorithm to your email.

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