What do people say about Binary Options? Is it possible to earn?

What do people say about Binary Options? Is it possible to earn?
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Reviews of real people about binary options make you think about those who often write negative things without understanding the essence of this investment and trading instrument at all. Let's try to understand in more detail.

So, having gained precious experience in trading, which still began just after the crisis in 2009, it is time to dispel the myths and drive the "cockroaches" out of the heads of those who still doubt.

Do binary options make money?

If they didn't bring it, no one would do it. Why hasn't anyone quit trading yet? Yes, because it is he who has been providing a stable income for many years. After all, with the right approach and the chosen strategy, you will see for yourself!

The only thing to consider is that you don’t need to be a “seal” and wait for the weather by the sea, you need to act on your own!

  1. Opened an account with a broker (you can Demo);
  2. Chose a strategy;
  3. We try, we try, if it doesn’t work out, we look further, and don’t give up!

If you quit, then you will simply bury the time you have killed.

What do people say about binary options?

Most of the reviews are contradictory, and the negative ones are written by those who, without really understanding this tool, decided to just “play”, as if throwing 1000 rubles in a casino, I think they’re lucky.

But it's not serious. If you are focused on the result, you just won’t be able to play here. Here you need to work, for a start, of course, 1000 rubles will not be enough, but 100$ is enough to get a feel for trading by placing bets on 5$.

Also now, almost every trading platform offers a special Demo account with virtual cash, where you can try to buy options.

Of course, you should not trade just like that “at random”, you need to adhere to the trading rules, this is what distinguishes the casino from trading on the stock exchange.

In a casino or roulette, you simply focus on luck, whether red or white will fall out, and in trading on the stock exchange, you predict the rates of world currencies or, for example, precious metals, is there a difference? :-)

Here is an example a simple and stable strategy on the news, which is able to bring at least +100% to your deposit from each news and this is no joke, verified! The main thing is to use only strong economic news.

Trading needs to be done, it is unlikely that you will achieve any success by devoting a couple of hours a week to this. In order to realistically, and most importantly, consistently reach an income of 1000$ per month, you need to train every day.

But this, of course, does not mean that you will need to sit at the computer all day, just a couple of hours is enough, but every day, so as not to forget and be “in the know”.

Expert advice

  • Train on a demo account;
  • Use proven strategies or you can immediately switch to leading indicators if you don’t feel like waiting (if you want super-fast results);
  • Don't read the news, it's distracting. Just don't confuse it with news trading, in which case we're just using it to catch short-term spikes in volatility. If we consider the news even for the medium term, they are more often only misleading;
  • more often withdraw profit. This will motivate you, of course you need to reinvest, but not the entire amount, but a maximum of 50% from earnings, but better in general 1/4;
  • Strictly follow the trading rules of the strategy. If you don't know how, read how to achieve it;

Become finally an Adult and an Independent person!

No need to be afraid to do (asking for advice from those who don’t even really understand this), you need to be afraid Not to do it, and then remember and regret it!

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