Indicator Strategy: Middle Line for Binary Options

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Strategy: Middle Line for binary options is an indicator-type trading system, it gives high trading results and is distinguished by simple trading signals.

This trading method works on a fairly simple principle of channel trading on short-term trends and was developed specifically for trading classic binary options.

According to statistics, the Middle Line trading strategy allows you to get 80 percent of trades in profit from 100 % trading positions.

Thanks to this, you can consistently earn and significantly increase the size of your deposit account in a short time.

Technical Requirements of the Middle Line Trading Strategy

This trading tactic works through the use of 2 indicators of technical analysis: Bollinger Waves and Moving Average (MA). For this reason, it is important that the trading platform has the function of applying technical means to the price chart of an exchange asset.

Also, binary options are subject to a high level of trading risks if you do not follow the rules of trading and do not listen to the opinions of experts. In this regard, it is very important that the trading conditions are loyal and allow you to reduce this indicator with the possibility of proper management of the trading account.

Taking into account all the requirements of trading tactics, we recommend that you pay attention to the exchange platform that can provide all the necessary conditions for trading - and this is a broker.

As for trading conditions, this financial company allows you to trade at a rate of 5 dollars when replenishing a deposit account with 100 dollars. In addition, the broker offers its clients a completely new trading platform for option trading, which includes an indicator set and other technical features.

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To get a forecast on the development of a short-term market situation, you need to set the Bollinger Waves technical indicator and the MA indicator to the trading chart of a financial instrument with the following settings:

Setting up indicators in the strategy

In this way, we get the opportunity to determine trend reversals, both quotations of an exchange asset, and changes in the direction of building a quotation channel.

Thus, when trading binary options, we will have a clear direction of market movement and a stable receipt of profitable options trading indicators.

Signals on the Middle Line trading strategy for making deals

Deals UP executed when the moving average of the MA technical indicator crosses the middle line of the Bollinger indicator from the bottom up. We make trading positions at the opening of a quotation candle following the signal one:

Trade up binary options

Deals WAY DOWN we perform similarly, when the moving average of the MA indicator crosses - the middle line of the Bollinger indicator from top to bottom. We make trading positions at the opening of the next candle:

Trade down binary options

You should pay attention to the duration of quotation fluctuations in one direction when this signal of the trading strategy is received.

Choice of expiration

Thanks to this, you can receive a guaranteed income on binary options with a transaction execution time of 1 to 3 minutes.

When this parameter is set, the quotes of a financial instrument can move away from the level of execution of transactions at a sufficient distance, but at the same time without a deep corrective rollback or the development of a new trend movement.

Trading deposit management

At the beginning of our material, we talked about the fact that the broker allows you to trade from a rate of $5.

With such a trading lot, you can significantly reduce financial risks even with a minimum deposit.

If there are large amounts of money on the account, then the rates can be increased at the conclusion of each transaction, but not more than three percent of the total amount of the deposit.

Also, the Middle Line trading system has high recovery rates, so, in case of loss of funds or the withdrawal of the overall trading result in a profitable direction, you can use martingale - doubling the size of the trading rate after a losing trade.

When applying this mode, the deposit account will constantly grow without much loss.

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