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In order to successfully trade in the market and, accordingly, to benefit, you must adhere to several rules. First, choose a high-quality and effective trading floor, which would present unique and profitable trading instruments, and secondly, check the service you have chosen for fraud and whether your funds will be safe. These fairly obvious rules can save you from unwanted losses, which are quite easy to get lately, as the number of scam projects and other types of scammers is increasing daily.

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Broker InvFX.EU distorts the facts in his favor

In this article, we will consider another, relatively recently opened service that tries to pretend to be a successful, influential and popular brokerage project, but in reality it represents rather superficial and far from the highest quality instruments.

Company InvFX.EU is an international financial broker, whose activities supposedly began back in 2010 and during this time managed to become as close as possible to the ideal that the company set as its goal for the future. The broker on his website, in the "About the company" section, tries to convince his clients as much as possible that his services are unique and promising offers that are not often found on the market, and also tries to raise his status by mentioning other, quite popular offices as its partners, which makes its service allegedly even more popular and requested.

Of the functions and capabilities available to users, the office highlights the following:

  • Opportunity to learn from professional and experienced analysts, as well as traders of the financial market;
  • The equipment that the company provides for use is compatible with all known and used operating systems, and is also quite easy to use;
  • The fastest and highest quality round-the-clock support;
  • Access to the most popular assets from categories such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, indices, securities and other derivatives;
  • High speed of processing user requests, as well as the performance of this site in principle;
  • Ability to use more than 80 analytical tools;
  • Availability of a multi-currency tester to test available trading strategies.

All the conditions presented by the office that we mentioned above are a fairly prudent plan to attract new customers and nothing more, since there is no evidence that these services are displayed in reality. Even having studied reviews about broker InvFX.EU, we can conclude that this service does not fulfill even half of its duties as a financial broker, not to mention the promises left regarding comfortable and efficient trading.

Clients also state that InvFX.EU does not withdraw money, ignoring requests to withdraw funds from traders or immediately blocking user accounts, first draining all their investments to their offshore account, as soon as the client thinks about withdrawing his funds and the broker notices that the trader is determined and there is nothing more to take from him.

Review results:
Considering all the facts mentioned in this article, and also taking into account the fact that this office does not have a single document proving its legality, and those that it provided contain too many pitfalls that can negatively affect the user's result, there is no doubt that the company InvFX.EU scammer and scammer, trusting which is dangerous and unprofitable.

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