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1-minute binary options strategy: Pro-Invest - profitable options trading for 60 seconds using the martingale technique!

If you make at least 50% trades in the right direction, then with proper money management, you can easily trade binary options for profit! The strategy for binary options for 60 seconds teaches us this, in which it is partially applied and martingale strategy.

How does this 60 second binary options strategy work?

To trade on this system, you will need a platform here this company, where you can use technical indicators that give signals for making deals, as well as the minimum deal size of 5 USD.

Moreover, by registering with this broker, you get access to a demo account where you can test this and any other trading system.

The meaning of this system is very simple - the MACD indicator gives us signals for making deals, and if a situation arises in which the price went in the opposite direction to our trading position, we use binary options with martingale.

System parameters:

  • Options to trade - turbo options
  • Expiration time - 60 seconds
  • Trade size – 1 USD
  • Deposit amount – from 50 USD
  • Potential profitability of the strategy: from 5% per day

Setting up a minute strategy for binary options Pro-Invest

So, in order to start trading on the specified system, on trading platform apply the MACD indicator to the quotes chart (default settings), and switch the quotes chart to a normal line. You should end up with a pattern like this:

Strategy for 60 secondsHow to make deals?

Trades according to the strategy for binary options for 60 seconds are very simple.

Deals to reduce the price are concluded when the lines of the MACD indicator rise above the zero level of the scale and move away from the zero mark by a more or less sufficient distance.

As soon as this happened, and they crossed in the downward direction, we conclude a deal to reduce the price of the asset (we buy an option PUT):

PUT option

Price growth deals are concluded if the MACD indicator lines fall below the zero level of the scale and move away from the zero mark by a sufficient distance.

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As soon as this happens, and they intersect in the upward direction, we conclude a deal to reduce the price of the asset (we buy an option CALL):

CALL option

In summary, your trade will look something like this:

Strategy trades for 60 seconds

How to use binary options with martingale?

When a deal closes with a minus or when a deal is opened, and before its expiration the MACD lines crossed in the opposite direction, we conclude another deal with a lot size larger than the previous deal.

This allows you to catch up on lost profits and ultimately complete a series of transactions with a profit!

As mentioned above, you can test this trading strategy with a broker using free options.

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