A new era in the world of trading! Instant news trading with FlashNewsTrader! Receive a signal to many terminals at the same time!

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A new era in the world of trading! Instant news trading with FlashNewsTrader! Receive a signal to many terminals at the same time!

It's time for a new trade!

New news trading

FlashNewsTrader is the next generation news trading platform! With the help of this service, you receive a signal simultaneously to many terminals and for different brokers according to a completely new principle of operation.

The signal is sent at the software level at high speed, you do not need to download autoclick and customize adviser for trading, as it happens with the software package: FxNewsKiller.

FlashNewsTrader is a modern multi-terminal news trading platform! Forget about pending order script 15 minutes before the release of such a global news, such as: Non Farm Payrolls!

Just set the settings in the trading platform, set up signaling to all terminals (you need to scatter the lot on several brokers) and wait until your deposit increases by at least 2-3, or even 5 times!

Benefits of news trading with FlashNewsTrader

Signaling occurs at the software level!

The FlashNewsTrader platform frees you to click on the BUY or SELL buttons yourself or customize them with autoclick!

The fastest speed!

Even 100 signals will be sent to all terminals - simultaneously and instantly!

From the creators of FxNewsKiller!

The new trading platform FlashNewsTrader is the brainchild of the team FxNewsKiller.

It was they who first offered the possibility of fast news trading using programs. Therefore, it is reliable and verified!

Automatic management of open trades.

You can either close them yourself or just wait for a specially configured robot to close them.

Conflict protection!

The new platform has developed a special conflict prevention system, as it was in autoclick. Now - you are completely in the shade! Even if there are SPIKES in the market during the news, if the price starts to spike, you will not lose money.

And finally, you can choose any currency pair to trade. FlashNewsTrader - unlimited!

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Now trading on the news has changed radically

To enter with five or more lots, you need to scatter these 5 lots among five different brokers, which means using 5 terminals.

This platform simultaneously transmits a signal to multiple terminals, you will not lose ANY POINT!

In Flash News Trader, a trading signal comes programmatically, without clicks, and most importantly, AT THE SAME TIME, both to the first and the last connected MT4 or MT5 terminal!

news trading with FlashNewsTrader

Make the most of it!

Multiterminality, risk setting, manual/automatic order management and more!

This is actually a new generation of trading! Don't miss out on this

Use instant news trading! This is much better than scripts or manual opening of trades.

During news releases, the market becomes unpredictable. Trust the professionals and get a signal even BEFORE and TOwards the beginning of the market movement.

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