Attack Trend options trading system

Attack Trend options trading system
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The Attack Trend binary options strategy is very efficient, incredibly effective and is characterized by high accuracy of the generated signals.

Component of the strategy

However, there are no secret formulas here - its components are an optimally combined set of indicators - different types of moving averages and the standard MACD indicator, which works as a reliable filter against false signals.

It is this successful combination that allows you to increase your trading capital by more than 200% during the week.

Choosing a broker for trading

Today, the binary market is developing so rapidly that only a few progressive brokerage companies are able to keep up with such dynamic progress.

That is why it is so difficult for traders who want to use the full potential of binary trading to find a platform with the technical capabilities necessary for this, such as the use of indicators built into the platform.

The leading company in the option market is now only FinMax and it is he who provides such a specialized trading terminal, which is equipped with the technical tools and support services necessary for professional trading.

In addition, this broker provides the most favorable trading conditions with minimal parameters that allow you to properly manage your trading capital.

Here is a short list of the broker's main services, including trading software tools:

  • Platform with a built-in set of indicators and graphic functions;
  • A formattable chart with different modes of displaying the price of an asset on it, the ability to view the history of price fluctuations and a zoom function;
  • Arsenal of highly liquid underlying assets;
  • The minimum level of access to the market - from $ 100;
  • The lowest option value is $5;
  • High-quality free education;
  • Fast service for withdrawing profits through various options for payment systems;
  • Professional analytical support.

That is why the implementation of binary trading in finmax can be considered as the best option in terms of reliable and effective cooperation.

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Configuring indicators of the Attack Trend trading system

In fact, you need to recreate the template of this technique on your trading chart by installing the previously indicated indicators with special settings on it.

So, here is the entire list of necessary indicators with the necessary settings, which will generate a complex trading signal:

  • MACD indicator with classic configuration;
  • Moving average - period 50, type TimeSeriesc (color red);
  • Moving average - period 50, type Triangular (color blue);
  • Moving average - period 50, Variable type (yellow color);

Go to the broker platform and set the entire list of these indicators on the chart, as a result, the chart should look something like this:

Indicator strategy chart

Trading signals for the trading system

Binary option trading with a forecast WAY DOWN is carried out when the indicators generate the following signal on the chart:

1. Blue and yellow moving averages cross down the red dynamic moving average;

2. The MACD filtering indicator shows the crossing of its oscillator lines down on the zero level scale.

Option Down

Binary option trading with a forecast UP is carried out when the indicators generate the following signal on the chart:

1. Blue and yellow moving averages cross upwards the red dynamic moving average;

2. The MACD indicator shows the crossing of its oscillator lines on the zero level scale up.

Option up

As you can see, the main part of the trading signal of this trading system is formed by moving averages due to different settings of their parameters and the same frequency.

At the same time, the MACD indicator has only a filtering function, confirming or refuting the signals of the main generators.

That is why this binary strategy is so effective.

Expiry dates

A special setting of indicators allows them to identify trends in the market, the frequency of which is 25 minutes.

When trading the strategy, a wide range of expiration periods is allowed. However, there is an optimal trade expiration range, where this technique demonstrates the greatest efficiency, which is 10-15 minutes.

Capital Management

In this plan, you should trade according to the classic rules of money management and risk calculation.

That is, the maximum allowable amount for each transaction is 3% of the deposit amount. At the same time, if trading using this binary strategy is carried out with a small deposit amount, then transactions must be executed for the minimum allowable amount.

The broker has a minimum transaction amount of $5. This is the optimal mode for getting a good profit at the lowest risk, it’s not much lower.

Test the strategy in action!

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