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Strategy with high cyclicity of signals: Slow Snake allows you to rapidly increase profits. The strategy generates a lot of signals in a short period of time, which contributes to the rapid increase in your deposit!

Many traders create their own strategies with a simple combination of indicators, completely forgetting about their adjustment to the trading chart.

In most cases, this is the reason for the poor performance of trading systems.

I propose to use the Slow Snake trading system, with customized indicators for the analysis of tick charts, which traders usually use for intraday high-frequency trading on binary options.

This strategy is quite simple for beginners to understand and does not require special knowledge in financial trading.

At the same time, the strategy demonstrates excellent performance - on average, 80% trading operations bring a positive result.

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Installing indicators

So, in order to carry out effective trading in the binary market, it is necessary to install the following indicators on the trading chart of this broker with the following settings:

  • MA indicator with period 50 and construction type Simple;
  • MACD indicator with standard settings;
  • And the second MACD indicator with an oscillator frequency of 24, 52 and a signal period of 9.

The picture that should be formed on the quotes chart when setting the strategy template looks like this:


This strategy was developed on the platform this broker and showed rather high results of profitability and work stability when testing on a real and demo account.

On average, a trader's trading account increases during the week by 250%.

This choice of a trading company was not accidental. Binomo is a broker with an optimal choice of trading services and attractive trading conditions.

The broker on its website offers the following list of services and services:

  • Free training with the ability to hone your skills on a demo platform + each new trader can receive free signals;
  • Professional analytical market reviews for the formation of intraday trading forecasts;
  • A trading terminal with a set of professional analysis tools, a formatted quotes chart and several display options;
  • Optimal list of underlying assets;
  • Non-stop trading mode and high-precision quotes;
  • The maximum payout level for options is up to 87%;
  • Access to the market with a minimum deposit of 100 USD and an initial volume of contracts from 5 USD;
  • High-speed withdrawal of earned profit.

For these reasons, it was chosen as the basis for the development of the strategy this broker.

Trading signals by strategy

Making a binary option WAY DOWN must be carried out when forming such a system of signals:

1. Price quotes of the asset are above the level of the MA indicator;
2. On the standard MACD indicator, the moving averages crossed down;
3. On the second MACD indicator with changed parameters, an identical downward crossing of the lines occurred:

Option Down

Making a binary option UP We do the same, but in reverse:

1. Price quotes of the asset are below the level of the MA indicator;
2. On the standard MACD indicator, the moving averages crossed upwards;
3. On the MACD indicator with a modified construction period, an identical upward crossing of the lines occurred:

Option up

Strategy expiration

For this strategy, the optimal option expiration period is from 120 to 180 seconds.

By changing the settings of the MACD indicators twice and increasing the period of the MA indicator by 25 points, you can set the duration of the deal up to 10 minutes.

The system, with standard settings, gives a high cyclicity of signals and allows you to increase your deposit at a good pace.

Money management

When using short-term options and highly cyclical signals, there may be a problem with deposit overload.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to set the minimum value of contracts when trading options.

The optimal indicator of trading risks for using the system is 3% of the amount of deposit funds for trading per one trading position.

If your deposit has an initial size, then for trading it is necessary to use contracts with a minimum value, which this broker set at 5 USD until the amount of working capital allows you to use in trading the basic risk management rules when using this trading system.

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