Strategy for Fibonacci levels and the RSI indicator: Fibo Race

Strategy for Fibonacci levels and the RSI indicator: Fibo Race
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Trading systems that are built on mathematical laws and indicator-type strategies, perhaps today, can be considered the most effective ways to trade on the binary market. One of these: Strategy for Fibonacci levels and the RSI indicator, called - Fibo Race!

That is why the combination of such methods of forming forecasts for binary options trading in one trading system can be the best option for a stable income.

This binary Fibo Race strategy essentially uses classic Fibonacci levels and an auxiliary trend-type RSI indicator in its work.

From this combination of stock analysis tools, we get a clearly formalized signal, and the trading performance is at least 80%!

Choosing a Brokerage Company for Fibonacci Trading

This issue is of paramount importance in trading on all binary strategies without exception.

If a trader does not have at his disposal a complete list of tools for trading and analysis, and in addition - the conditions that will allow you to manage market risks, you can not even dream of a result at all.

In this regard, trading on the binary market can have many problems: the absence, with rare exceptions, of highly professional trading terminals, brokerage companies with unacceptable trading conditions, and the presence of outright scammers on the market.

Against this background, it is necessary to correctly approach the issue of selecting a broker for cooperation.

As one of the options, we can strongly recommend a company that, since its foundation in 2014, has been distinguished by innovation and high-quality services and services.

The conversation is about this broker - which currently offers the following list of services and services:

  • The lowest trading conditions on the market: options transactions with an initial value of $5, the level of the initial deposit account from $100.
  • These parameters of the trading conditions expand to the maximum all the possibilities of a market participant in matters of managing exchange risks.
  • A trading terminal with a complete set of professional tools for analyzing asset quotes: graphical tools, trading indicators, quote history, formatted quote charts, chart display modes.
  • High yield options with payouts up to 87% and a wide selection of different underlying assets.
  • Top class analytics delivered daily.
  • Free training based on professional materials.
  • Fast monetization of income.
  • CROFR licensing, which confirms the legality of the organization's activities.

This list of services allows you to trade profitably and comfortably and brings excellent trading results.

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Setting up the Fibo Race binary strategy template

In a set of graphic tools this platform choose Fibonacci levels - to use them to mark up the chart, using the highs and lows of the asset market to build.

Then we set the auxiliary RSI indicator on the chart in its standard configuration. As a result of setting up the methodology template, we will get the following markup of the work schedule:

Fibonacci levels strategy

Trading strategy signals

To buy an option call (up) it is necessary to form such a picture on the chart:

Quotes on the chart of the underlying asset touched one of the significant Fibonacci levels and rebounded from this level.

A reversal of the moving to the upper side appeared on the RSI filtering indicator.

Signals up from Fibonacci levels

  • As soon as this event has occurred, we buy an option to increase.

To buy an option Put (down) you need to wait for the formation of such a picture on the chart:

Quotes on the chart of the underlying asset touched one of the significant Fibonacci levels and rebounded from this level.

On the RSI filtering indicator, a moving reversal has appeared in the downside direction.

Signal down from Fibonacci levels

  • As soon as such a picture is observed, we buy a down option.

The use of a combination of such signals in trading allows you to execute 80% transactions with a positive completion result.

This trading dynamics leads to an increase in working capital on the trading deposit by approximately 150% for each trading week!

Risks per trade

In the article, we have already touched on the management of exchange risks and the importance of trading conditions in this matter.

Minimum possible contracts this broker worth $5 — are the best option to significantly reduce the level of financial losses, therefore, with a minimum deposit, it is recommended to use transactions of exactly this value in trading.

For more aggressive players with deposits of $500 or more, we recommend setting the market risk level at 3% of the total capital on the deposit.

In this mode, the ratio of losses and the level of profitability of the strategy will be as balanced as possible and, as a result, will lead to a stable increase in profits and your deposit capital.

Deal expiration date

For trading on the binary strategy Fibo Race, transactions with an expiration time of 60-120 seconds are used.

This time range allows you to get guaranteed income when using this strategy in trading.

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