Binary Options Trend Strategy: "Golden Rain"

Binary Options Trending Strategy: Gold Rain
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In our today's review, the "Golden Rain" strategy. It is implemented on a fifteen-minute timeframe and is based on a set of custom indicators.

Its peculiarity lies in simple trading rules that any beginner can easily implement.

Reference material

In order to work with the Golden Currency Rain trading system, you will need the Metatrader 4 terminal. You will add indicators and a prepared template to it.

If you don't know how to do it right, read the following two articles:

Preparatory part

The “golden currency rain” is a universal technique that can be implemented on any currency pair available in the Metatrader 4 terminal. Choose one asset and set a fifteen-minute timeframe (M15).

Then download the files of this method. You can download them from the link below.

And now you can see an example of what a ready-to-use system should look like.

Purpose of indicators

  1. GOLD999L. This is a set of colored lines that indicate the direction of the formed trend.
  2. MACD. This is a histogram consisting of red and green bars. It is able to change its location relative to the midline.
  3. strength. This is a histogram that changes its color depending on what trend has formed in the market. Blue is an uptrend. Red - descending. Yellow - flat.
  4. direction. This is a multi-colored arrow indicator that works on the principle of the Strength indicator.

The last three indicators allow you to remove false signals and find the best time to enter the trend.

Determine the entry point for the increase

  • GOLD999L. The candle should be located above the black moving average. After that, it is considered that a long uptrend has formed.
  • GOLD999L. The candle should fix above the rest of the moving bands. This is a signal that indicates that the short-term uptrend has strengthened in the market.
  • MACD. At least two bars are above the central level and are colored green.
  • strength + direction. These two indicators are colored blue.
  • Expiration time. At least 1 hour 30 minutes (6 candles) must pass.

Risk level. You should not invest more than 1% from the deposit in one bet. If you have 1000 $ on your account, then one bet should not exceed 10 $.

An example of an up trade

Determine the entry point for a fall

  • GOLD999L. The candle should first be below the black moving average, and then below all other indicator bands.
  • MACD. At least two bars must be below the center level and recolored red.
  • strength + direction. These two indicators are colored red.
  • Expiration time. At least 1 hour 30 minutes must elapse.
  • Risk level. You should not invest more than 1% from the deposit in one bet.

Short trade example

Trading recommendations

Recommended couples: major currency pairs;

Timeframe: M15;

Expiration: 6 candles;

Where is the best place to trade?

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How to download the strategy?

You can download the strategy for free link!

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